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January 17, 2019

Certainly true for us now that we’re back in Belgium. But you should remember that we were stationed abroad for the past 26 years. So for us most of Belgium had to be (re)discovered. We’ve been in Belgium for a little more than 1 year now, and traveled around quite a lot, so perhaps it’s time to give you our “best of - must see” list.
In principle we’re leaving Belgium again to another posting abroad in the summer of 2020. What is still on our Belgian wish-list before we leave towards yet another new destination for 4 years? In Flanders Field (WW1 battle fields) and Bastogne (Battle of the Bulge), Bruges (well because it’s Bruges duh and because the whole planet including 1 billion Chinese seems to have visited Bruges except us), and Ostend (fantastic Crystal Ship exposition)

Here we go, our temporary top 10 of best places to visit in Belgium.


On number 10: Leo the Lion is watching over the dam and the region. The Gileppe dam in Jalhay


Number 9: Meet the Flintstones... the Tower of Eben Ezer. A 33 m high oddity entirely built from locally mined flint-stone in the middle of the Bassenge countryside north of Liege.


Number 8: Leuven, Mecca of Books and Beer? Yes but there's so much more…


Number 7: Epic places in Belgium even Belgians don't know! Val de Lesse and The Castle of Vêves.


On Number 6: discover the Voeren region.


Very honorable number 5 : No not temples in Cambodia ! this is Pairi Daiza in Belgium.


Number 4 : Flower anyone? Every year in April, the Haspengouw area of Limburg comes alive in a spectacular riot of color. Millions of apple, pear and cherry trees blossom simultaneously, washing virtually the whole of Haspengouw in swathes of pink and white.


Number 3 : Bokrijk Open Air Museum - Out with the New - In with the Old.


Number 2 : Where water meets land - a lesson in gravity and communicating vessels: The gardens of Annevoie.


 And on Number 1 : The ruins of the Abbey of Villers



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