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Bored in Beirut? Come to our UW Photo Exposition

If you're in the neighbourhood (Lebanon - Beirut) on 17 & 18 November do pay us a visit at our UW macro-photo exposition. The event is mentioned on our Facebook Page just CLICK HERE.

You'll be able to meet the proud photographer in person and if you have a few U$ to spend you can buy some fantastic quality prints of the weird and colourful creatures that we encounter during our forays under water. There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. On land and underwater. Having a passion for travelling and for diving, the step towards photography was a logical one. I wanted to catch the unique, interesting, colourful and sometimes weird creatures and places that make our world so unique. In the vast expanse of the universe our planet is but a mere speck of dust teeming with life, colour and beauty. Here on earth very few people pay attention to the small things in life. Beneath our oceans is no exception. In the ocean beauty can take on a strange face. And some of the critters can be as small as a grain of rice. And if you look close enough you will discover the beauty of the strangest and unique creatures our planet has to offer. I am trying to bring these wonders to life on the screen of your computer or tablet. I have worked hard for many years now perfecting my techniques. Check what I’ve photographed at the exposition to get an idea of how I look at the world through my lens.

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