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Chateau et Jardins de Freyr -Waulsort: Rather interesting worth an hour or two.

Much time, energy and funding has been spent to restore this castle dating back to the 16th century. Plenty of furniture and paintings inside to show how the "much better off" lived back in the days. Do read the information leaflets in each room, they contain interesting facts and trivia about the castle, the artefacts, and its inhabitants. Volunteers at the reception will give you a friendly welcome and some information about the castle and the tour. Calling the gardens "mini Versailles" is maybe a tat ambitious :-) but you can have a nice stroll. Pity you can't get any view of the gardens from a higher viewpoint. That would have been nice.

Walking through the lower garden of Castle Freyr listening to the peaceful song of the fountains and breathing the fragrance of the orangetrees, some of which originated from the Court of Lorraine and are nearing 350 years. In winter, these trees are kept in the oldest orangeries of the ancient Low Countries. The upper level of the garden of Castle Freyr is covered by hedge mazes (6 km) that unveil their mysteries one by one: a set of patterns inspired by card game figures, a theme also present in the terra cotta statues made by Cyfflé. They represent the Kings, Queens and Jacks, each with a happy and serious face. The Castle Freyr is representative of the interior of a nobleman's summer residence of the 18th century. The rooms contain the ancient furniture of the Dukes of Beaufort-Spontin as well as traces of history left by royal guests (Louis XIV of France, Archduchess Maria-Christina, eldest child of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, King Stanislas I), and the living memory of 20 generations.

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