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Train World (Schaerbeek) - Was on our bucket list and no regrets!

Recently opened museum (2015) showing an impressive collection in a great setting. Not just another museum. You can get real close to the exhibits, you can even go inside most of them. A lot of attention has been given to the lighting and the setting, creating a special atmosphere bringing out the best of the exhibits. Early Belgian railways were heavily influenced by British designs, and British technology and engineers were extremely important. The engineer George Stephenson travelled on the first train between Brussels-Mechelen in 1835, and his company provided the first three locomotives (based on the Rocket design) used on the line.The rapid expansion of the Belgian railways in the 1830s was one of the factors allowing Belgium to recover from an economic recession which it had experienced since the revolution and served as a major force in the Belgian Industrial Revolution. The three locomotives were named La Flèche ("Arrow"), L'Eléphant ("Elephant"), and Stephenson, after their designer. The first Belgian-produced locomotives were used after 1835.

For the 10 € entry fee (even less if you come by train and buy the B-Excursions train ticket) this is a must see on the undoubtedly rainy day you will encounter during your trip to Belgium :-)

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