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Slovenia - Skocjan Caves - Unesco list nomination fully deserved!

The caves are not that very impressive as far as stalagmite and stalactite are concerned, but the highlight of the visit is the bridge over and the view on the thundering river in the 3 Km long and 100 m deep underground canyon. We visited in May there were only three tours daily but of course less tourists anyway. There was a visiting school-group of about 15 noisy and not-at-all interested teenagers and I was worrying that they would go down with us and spoil the experience, but the management very correctly provided a second guide who went down with them before another guide took the more mature and interested visitors into the cave. Nice!

Archaeological research has shown that people lived in the caves and the surrounding area in prehistoric times – from the Mesolithic, the Neolithic, the Bronze and Iron Ages through Antiquity and the Middle Ages to the present; altogether for more than 5,000 years. The finds from this area testify that the Škocjan Caves had not only local but regional importance in prehistoric times. Pioneering research of Karst and karst phenomena began in this area in the 19th century. The international karstological terms "karst" and "doline" originate here.

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