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Hungarian Open Air Museum - nice place to spend a day away from Budapest with the pooch.

(Szabadteri Neprajzi Muzeum) If you’re visiting Szentendre (which you should if you’re visiting Budapest) you should have a walk around the Open Air Museum (Skanzen) minutes away from Szentendre. They relocated traditional houses etc from all over Hungary to this museum so by walking around the museum "villages" you can get to know the typical buildings of six Hungarian regions: the Great Plains, the Upper-Tisza-region, the Kisalföld, Western – Transdanubia, the Balaton-Uplands and the Southern - Transdanubia. According to me there could be a little more traditional “animation” like demonstrations of traditional crafts etc…but all in all it’s a nice day out of Budapest with interesting temporary or semi-temporary exhibitions. If the walking gets too much for you; the terrain is huge; there’s a antique train taking you on a ride to the different parts of the museum. Try to avoid July & August first because there could be lots of tourists around, secondly there is very little or no shadow (trees don’t seem to be part of the exhibition) and the temperatures in Hungary routinely soar over 35 to 40° C during those months.

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