Loving to travel around the world, we both started working for Belgian Foreign Affairs back in 1991. That was the beginning of more than two, going on three decades of discovering foreign countries and cultures.

Our travels took us to a few terrible places in dangerous countries and a few dangerous places in terrible countries. You can understand this pun if you know we called Zaire our home for several years, as we did Pakistan. Afghanistan was in our jurisdiction and for the past few years we set down our suitcases in Lebanon with jurisdiction over Syria... I kid you not!

But our jobs also took us to wonderful places like Moscow (we consider Moscow a country in its own rights), the Philippines and Hungary.

Being posted in a country for 3 or 4 years is, of course, a whole different ballgame from visiting that country on a weekend trip or a two week long, organised holiday. Living in a country gives you the time to really get to know the place and the neighbouring countries and the habits of its people (good & bad). Although we live privileged lives as diplomats, this also gave us the opportunity to visit and see places where "common" travelers would never be allowed to go. But on the other hand prevented us from going places where an ordinary passport holder could freely travel.

It is unfortunate therefore that this travel blog only goes back a limited time. We only started writing down our experiences a few years ago, so there's nothing here about our life and visits in Zaire/Congo. Nothing also about Moscow, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, the Maldives, Sri-Lanka, Malaysia...

We only picked up our pen in 2010, so this blog will span most of the time from back in those days until the present.

But despite all our exotic travelling we never neglected our own small Belgium. We will regularly post blogs also about interesting visits we made in Belgium.

We hope you enjoy, we also hope you will come back regularly and we promise to keep the posts coming.

Oh and to the best of my knowledge all the photos I used are ours. If by any chance you should notice that I did use a photo you think belongs to you don't hesitate to contact me!

René & Sonja

Beirut 2016

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